Physical education

High quality PE and school sport provision


Physical and mental wellbeing is paramount for all children, especially as ther return to school.Pupils who receive high quality Physical Education are more engaged and focused in their academic study, while improving mood, self-esteem and physical health.

What should you expect from your PE offering?

PE is so much more than just developing physically. All Activ8 coaches deliver a unified, progressive programme of delivery in partnership with, to ensure that we are developing the whole child, not just their physical capabilitites.

Does your current PE structure promote whole child development?

untitled-design-67.pngHow we make our impact


Start the day right with our shake and wake breakfast club!

Enjoy some fruit and cereal, then head into fun, engaging activities to start the day active! Those who exercise at the start of the day are more likely to succeed in their daily tasks. Increased motivation and focus throughout the day starts now!

Sign up for breakfast clubs all week and the breakfasts are on us!


Let us help you utilise a crucial time in the school day. Stimulating, easily accessible games for all pupils to enjoy!

Preparing for competition? Let us work with your team through lunch times to help you reach your goal!

Want to increase school activity levels? We will share with you our whole school lunch structure, guaranteed to raise school activity levels. If you sign on to 2 or more lunch times, we will help structure your remaining lunch times at no extra cost!


Let us help develop your upper KS2 pupils to become Playground Leaders. Our PGL programme has proven effective across multiple schools, training both pupils and midday staff to deliver and monitor effective game delivery at lunch time.

Understand how to deliver effectively, receive game cards and consistent support from Activ8 Coaching.


Structured, progressive, unified.

All Activ8 staff receive in house CPD on lesson structure, behaviour management and how to effectively deliver for all learning styles.

Working in line with the National Curriculum and Ofsted guidelines and encompassing the entire PE curriculum, you are guaranteed the highest quality service from all staff at Activ8 Coaching.

Let us help you reach your curriculum goals.

Physical Education

High quality PE and school sports

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"The children have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and have supported each other well."

Mrs Clark, Vice Principle, Hilltop Primary